L'impression textile Stacky Corp

Stacky Corp Clothing & textile printing

Stacky Corp is a company specialising in printing on textiles and advertising objects, services for companies, associations and individuals. It also offers you its own brand of clothing and Stacky Corp Clothing concept.

Your impressions on textiles and objects

Its printing service offers marking solutions for all your communication campaigns, advertising, events, clothing line creations and drafts.

The printing processes vary according to the feasibility of your projects and choices. This includes offset screen printing, embroidery, digital printing, flocking, screen transfer, UV printing...

Contact your Stacky Corp online store for any questions about printing on fabric or objects, or request a quote for personalized clothing !

The brand philosophy

Created on Hauméa, a planet that claims to be its own, Stacky Corp Clothing is inspired by the celestial vault. The dreamlike wandering for essence. The infinite possibilities that the universe offers to our will, the feeling of inexhaustible renewal, the will as an unshakeable foundation.

Galaxies for airspace, the shooting star navigates from one sphere to another without inquiring about the conditions of realization. Keeping your dreams intact is the ultimate way to reach them, the obstacles being only thrusters.

Stacky Corp Clothing is working to make possible what we believe cannot be possible, and which, after all, eventually finds an existence. Fun and full of humour, the brand refers to the notion of surpassing oneself. It brings our ideas to life and allows us to realize our dreams with our own codes.

For all these reasons, different graphic designers are involved in the creation of visuals. Nothing stays fixed. The shooting star, in its frantic race, opens its arms to multiple universes. Heteroclastic and dynamic, it does not rest on its laurels and is constantly looking for innovation, without falling into the dictates of fashion. No brakes, no rules. Make a wish !